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Custom Apparel

The design of the client’s choosing can be completed by a mixed media of embroidered artwork and/or fabric paint. The client can provide their own apparel or choose to purchase ONLY DENIM JACKETS for an additional fee of $30. Please be specific.


SheCreates Freestyle

Client gives the artist artistic freedom to freestyle an original piece that may or may not connect with them.



A depiction of natural scenery in art



 Artistic representation of a person depicting ONLY the face, head, and/or shoulders. ($100 per additional person)


Abstract Portrait

Utilizes the concept of portraiture and avoids a pure objective approach to reality. ($80 per additional person)


Art Deco

Decorative style



A liberation of thought, language, and human experience from boundaries of rationalism. The artist challenges irrationality.



May include distortion, exaggeration, fantasy, and/or a vivid dynamic application of color in order to express the artist’s inner feelings or ideas.



Handmade by the artist using fabric and hypoallergenic cotton. The design of the client’s choosing can be completed by a mixed media of hand sewn embroidered artwork and/or fabric paint.

All Paintings will be curated in the style of the artist. Listed above are the STARTING PRICES for each work. The prices do NOT include the size, which may be increased as per size. Please contact the artist for more information in regards to the total sale price. The client should expect a unique work. Be mindful, the artist spends hours crafting your handmade project with love!

Commissions: Price List

Commission Agreement

Below is the link to SHECREATESB's official Commission Agreement. Must be completed with the artist prior to payment and service.

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