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Meet the Artist

A Talented Professional

My name is Tamiya Graves. I was born and bred in New Jersey. I am a self taught artist and I curated SHECREATESB. In 2019 I dedicated this brand to pushing the ideology of creating your own reality. 

As I grew up, drawing and painting existed as a safe space for my self-expression. For this reason, in my adulthood I am able to present my art as therapy for both myself and others worldwide. SHECREATESB's artistry specializes in acrylic paintings, but is not limited to the medium. In truth, I expanded my talents to customization of clothing, crafting, and even digital design! Because I pursued my dreams, I have had the pleasure of bringing items into reality for my clientele. From original paintings within the Public Defender’s Office in Essex County to décor in homes. 

As I continue to grow, I am constantly exploring new interests to inspire others. If you are interested in collaborations, please feel free to reach out!

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